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    Jin, Congming
    We present a numerical method to compute the transition rates including contributions from the potential energy and the entropy effect, of the thermally activated events in dislocation dynamics on the atomistic scale, based on the transition state the . . .
  • Cz30pv385?file=thumbnail
    File, Jason Mark
    The first half of a novel that takes place in Santa Barbara, California. The Lemon Tree is separated between events that take place during the summer of 1999 and the summer of 2009. The first half of the novel focuses on the 17 year old narrator’s rel . . .
  • 2227mt22g?file=thumbnail
    Woellner, Cristiano F.
    In this paper we use a three-dimensional Pauli master equation to investigate the charge carrier mobility of a two-phase system which can mimic donor-acceptor and amorphous-crystalline bulk heterojunctions. By taking the energetic disorder of each pha . . .
  • N870zv24h?file=thumbnail
    Ferrara, Sergio
    We derive simple techniques which allow us to relate Picard-Fuchs differential equations for the periods of holomorphic p-forms on certain complex manifolds, to their moduli space and its modular group (target space duality). For Calabi-Yau manifolds . . .
  • D504rp538?file=thumbnail
    Woellner, Cristiano F.
    First-principles simulations are carried out to understand molecular structure dependence of exciton diffusion in a series of small conjugated molecules arranged in a disordered, crystalline, and blend structure. Exciton diffusion length (LD), lifetim . . .
  • Nv935569j?file=thumbnail
    Rogachev, Andrey Yu
    D5h star-like CsF5, formally isoelectronic with known XeF5? ion, is computed to be a local minimum on the potential energy surface of CsF5, surrounded by reasonably large activation energies for its exothermic decomposition to CsF+2?F2, or to CsF3?(th . . .
  • K0698b29v?file=thumbnail
    Zhang, Sen
    Controlling nanoparticle (NP) surface strain, i.e. compression (or stretch) of surface atoms, is an important approach to tune NP surface chemistry and to optimize NP catalysis for chemical reactions. Here we show that surface Pt strain in the core/sh . . .
  • 6395w886r?file=thumbnail
    Jose, Hani
    This ERP software targets the sales and marketing facet of operation by integrating Big Data Analysis and Sentiment Analysis. This system helps the administrator to find the potential users for a project by using traditional collaborative filtering me . . .
  • Qj72p9489?file=thumbnail
    Li, Yi Li
    This paper is contributed to the study of the Cauchy problem. [formula here] We will study the asymptotic behavior and the semistability of the minimal positive steady state. In addition, we will prove that all slow decay positive steady states are st . . .
  • Wd375z97r?file=thumbnail
    Chen, Phelan Nan
    FMS is a FILE MAINTENANCE SYSTEM that permits the users to store, manipulate, retrieve, and list any amount of data. FMS can be invoked through English-like FMS activities, a nonprocedural language. With FMS, the user can input and access data without . . .