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    Bernstein, Lois Ingerneri
    Adolescent girls today are required to examine an unlimited range of options and possibilities open to them. Because girls are not socialized to be independent and decisive, the burden of making choices can be overwhelming. Adolescent girls need assis . . .
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    McHenry, Leemon B.
    The current situation in medicine has been described as a crisis of credibility, as the profit motive of industry has taken control of clinical trials and the dissemination of data. Pharmaceutical companies maintain a stranglehold over the content if . . .
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    Chu, Suming
    Believe Me is a fantasy drama about a 17 year old boy Michael, his soul transfers into his twin sister Emily's body in a car accident. But he still wants to help Amanda, the girl he likes to fulfill her last wishes. In the end, he sacrifices his life . . .
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    Gold, Kelley May
    The presence of school gardens is increasing in schools throughout the United States. In California alone, school gardens were found in 13% of schools in 1996 and 24% of schools in 2005 (819 and 2381, respectively) (Graham, Lane Beall, Lussier, McLaug . . .
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    Moffat, Rosemary
    The beginning of the 21st century brought with it many trials, many of which have torn holes in our concepts of community, and created fissures between people. In our search for ways to re-create strong community, this project examined the ways that c . . .
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    Quevedo, Yvette
    The rationale behind this study is to identify how effective parent support groups are in minimizing stress levels amongst mother caring for children with special speeds. Chihiro (2011), states, parents of children with disabilities can be effectively . . .
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    Graduate project
    Tomikawa, Tetsuji
    This paper investigated a major problem confronting deaf would-be graduate students: The Graduate Record Examination (GRE). Two related topics were included: special graduate admission policies with regard to minority and handicapped students, and Sel . . .
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    Sarkissian, Lina
    Research on the cause of homelessness in the County of Los Angeles has increased. However, there has been no substantial plan or act set forward to dramatically cut the numbers of homeless individuals roaming in Los Angeles. There are many factors tha . . .
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    Rodriguez, Adrian
    This project examines the issues and pressures male victims of domestic violence encounter through societal pressures and a lack of support resources. The project also provides a curriculum for a support group for male survivors of domestic violence. . . .
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    Azimi, Reza
    From 1985 processor designers are using pipeline to cover the instructions execution on each other and increase their design speed. They call this overlap between instructions, "instruction level parallelism" because instructions are calculated in par . . .