Learning Object

Calculus I M150A hybrid lab webwork problems

What is covered in the lab? During the first week of the lab, students retake the MPT. Based on test results, students are directed to review using online free, open-source homework system called Webwork which contains a national database of math problems. Although Webwork does not adjust its content to student performance, it does serve as a mechanism to get homework and MPT remediation back to the students and to give them unlimited practice and instant feedback on their work. Remediation topics include fractions, function, geometry, and trigonometry. For the supplemental contact hour, we use pen-and-paper workbooks aligned with the textbook; here, the focus is on the act of writing mathematics as a connection between lecture, homework, and exams. These elements are coordinated with the work of the faculty and TAs, as well as with other course materials: lecture notes, supplemental contact hour workbooks, homework problems, and exam problems. In addition, TAs received a set of interactive lecture notes coordinated to the Stewart Calculus book (written by Alex Alekseenko, Carol Shubin, and Emily Hoffman). These notes provide the basis for the in-class assignments. M150AL Calculus I Laboratory Moodle currently resides on a Math Department Moodle site.  http://mathweb1.sandbox.csun.edu/moodle1/ template is posted on  http://moodle.csun.edu/course/view.php?id=45864