Learning Object

Principal Ray Diagram of a Concave Mirror

In this online learning tool, you can study how light rays are reflected from different types of mirrors: plane mirrors, spherical concave mirrors, and spherical convex mirrors. You will also learn how images are formed by mirrors, and what type of mirror you want to use for, say, your car's rear view mirror, or a make-up mirror. Let me explain briefly how you should work with this tutorial. The tutorial contains pages with graphics and narration explaining the physics. There are also interactive animations that allow you to do "virtual" experiments, and to explore these concepts in more detail. Please take your time playing with the interactive animations, and make sure you are observing carefully what happens. In addition, there are videos where I am working out problem solutions. The questions posed throughout the tutorial are meant to guide you in your studies, and to help you identify the key points you have to understand.