IAMU AGA 17 : Working together: the key way to enhance the quality of maritime education, training and research, Vietnam Maritime University, 26-29 October, 2016

1A. Maritime education and training (no. 1): International standardization of maritime education, training, scientific research and technological advances related to development of e-navigation strategy in order to enhance the cooperation for maritime safety and security and protection of ocean environment / Adam Weintritt -- Towards dynamic maritime education and training systems / Ahmed Kassar -- Containerisation of MET- moving towards a global maritime education system / Gamini Lokuketagoda, Takashi Miwa, Dev Ranmuthugala -- Internationalization to improve maritime education and training in Vietnam / Nguyen Thuy Hong Van, Tran Thi Thuong -- Standardization of maritime education as aim, result and means of its quality improvement / Irina Makashima, Alexander Fayvisovich, Irina Truschenko -- 1B: Onboard training, simulators: Study on the training effect of the sail training / Yoshiaki Kunieda, Naoya Nakamura, Koji Murai -- Enhancing the effectiveness of marine engine room simulator-based training / Sakman Nazir, Tae eun Kim -- Monitoring of the quality of maritime specialists training in the system of maritime education / Igor Marichev -- Assessment of STCW competencies aboard a maritime academy training vessel / Scott Saarheim, Steven D. Browne -- Inventory of the engineers' competences for a new CoC course by using simulators / M. Castells, S. Ordás, C. Borén, M. Rodríguez -- 1C. Maritime environmental issues & energy efficiency (no. 1): A method to identify an optimum speed of ships for ship effcient operation / Dang Van Uy, Pham Xuan Duong -- Polarworthiness and co-operation - efficient education of risk management for arctic environment / Peter Ivan Sandell -- Energy efficiency design index verification through actual power and speed correlation / Quang Dao Vuong, Don Chool Lee, Ranald D. Barro -- Diesel engine emissions/performance of emulsion marine fuels / Richard W. Kimball, Brendyn G. Sarnacki, Scott J. Eaton, Joshua A. Henry, Travis Wallace, Thomas Lokocz -- Validation and calibration of diesel engine model using DME / Luong Cong Nho, Nguyen Lan Huong, Pham Huu Tuyen. 2A. Maritime education and training (no. 2): Trends in the development of maritime education: prospects and proposals / Irina Makashima -- Towards standardization of seafarers education and training / Athanosios Karlis, Margareta Lutzhoft, Neil Pereira -- Knowledge management and its influence on the efficiency of maritime education and training institutes (a case study) / Amr Ibrahim, Eslam Mostafa Gaber -- Captiain's duty - the constant and continuing changes of captain's legal position. How can we ensure that masters are on the map? / Ninna Roos, Peter Ival Sandell -- Standardization and simplification for teaching the International Collision Regulations [72COLREGS] / Douglas A. Hard -- 2B. Maritime safety & security: Calculation and simulation of the current effects on ship's course in Haiphong fairway, Vietnam / Luong Cong Nho, Pham Ky Quang, Vu van Duy, Bui Van Cuong, Co Tan Anh Vu, Nguyen Thanh Nhat Lai -- Confined space operations / Philip Mackrill, Lyndon Gabites, Anthony Beckett -- Research of the increasing the accuracy of the process of collision avoidance of the vessel in congested waters / Dmytro S. Zhukov -- Evaluating the safety of floating struture under designed sea condition / Nguyen Tien Cong, Le Thanh Binh -- Integration of maritime spatial planning into the waterways safeety management studies / Madli Kopti, Roomet Leiger, Inga Zaitseva-Pärnaste, Jarmo Kõster -- 2C. Maritime environmental issues & energy efficiency (no. 2): Effect of injection timing and mixing rate of water in Jatropha emulsion on combustion and performance of DI diesel engine / Nguyen Kim Boa -- Sediment management practices for ports and shipyards- applicable approaches / Vlado Frančić, Lovro Maglić, Marija Šimić Hlača -- Particle emissions from ships at berth using heavy fuel oil / Thuy Van Chu, Thomas Rainey, Zoran Ristovski, Ali Mohammad Pourkhesalian, Liping Yang, Richard J. Brown, Vikram Garaniya, Rouzbeh Abbassi -- Guessing to prediction - a conceptual framework to predict LNG bunker demand profile in Australia / Rumesh J. Merien-Paul, Hossein Enshaei, Shantha Gamini Jayasinghe -- EEDI reduction by investigating the capability of RANSE CFD for propeller, propeller-hull form perfomance calculation during ship optimization process / Tran Ngoc Tu, Nquyen Manh Chien. 3A. Maritime education and training (no. 3): Characteristic of post-degree courses organized in GMU on example "MODERN SHIP MANAGEMENT" course / Laczynski Bogumil, Laczynski Tomasz -- Study on the ideal ways of enhancing the quality of maritime education, training and research / G. Thiruvasagam -- IMO e-navigation concept and MET trands analysis / Vladimir A. Loginovsky -- Integrity of electronic testing of mariners / John Tucker, John Cross -- Increasing the sustainability of the maritime research and training / Boyan Mednikarrov, Kalin Kalinov, Nedko Dimitrov, Zhelyazko Nikolov -- Distance learning for Egyptian seafarers: a critique / Hesham M. Helal -- 3B. Human resources & cultural awareness: Opportunities and advantages for oversea seafarers human resources development in Vietnam / Dinh Xuan Manh, Doa Quang Dan -- Language barriers, cultural differences and international cooperation between maritime institutions / Qi Chen -- Women seafarers as minority organizational members / Momoko Kitada, Lisa Langåker -- Study over the increasing of situational awareness and the culture of safety among younger officers / Radu Hanzu-Pazara, Gabriel Raicu, Anastasia Duse -- Cultural intelligence and awareness in maritime education: a case study / Bani Ghosh -- A career capital approach in the training and development of merchant marine seafarers: the case of South Africa / Samrat Ghosh, Shaun Ruggunan -- 3C. Maritime environmental issues & energy efficiency (no. 3): Modelling reasonable operating regimes of the main propulsion plant: main diesel engine - propeller - hull on the general cargo ship / Do Duc Luu, Luong Cong Nho, Tran Ngoc Tu -- Ballast water management: challenges for the flag state and port state control / Samrat Ghosh, Christopher Rubly -- Whirling vibration characteristics due to lubricating oil pressure in the diesel generator shafting system / Pham Huu Tan, Nguyen Tri Minh, Vuong Quang Dao -- A collaborative approach to protecting the ocean environment / Paul S. Szwed, Carleen Lyden-Kluss, Matthew Rooks -- Floating power platforms of off-shore cold-ironing / Shantha Jayasinghe, Gamini Lokuketagoda, Hossein Enshaei, Dev Ranmuthugala, Daniel Liang -- The determing torsional vibration damping coefficients algorithm for computing marine shafting's vibrations / Nguyen Manh Thuong. 4. Research in MET: Ship automatic track keeping at low speed / Thanh-Dat Le, Van-Luong Tran, Nam-kyun Im -- Advanced navigation system in the Mediterranean Sea "Regional project for management control system" / Mohamed Abdel Fattah Omar, Zouheir Abdel Fattah Badawy -- Construction of global shipping big data platform / Shulong Dai, Shuping Liu, Jian Sun, Linhai Du, Yuguang Gong -- Logistics and supply chain finance: managing financial risks and optimizing financial flows in logistics and supply chains / Thuy Duong Dang.