Youth Sexuality and the Modern Japanese Family

The purpose of this paper is to discuss modern Japanese family and gender norms which form the basis of the Japanese social system. After World War II, instead of professing equality of the genders, Japanese society held fast to a division of labor between genders. Most established studies tackle the task from the point of view of labor. While standpoint of sexuality or intimacy, it makes the issue that intimate relationship between the sexes, which is the first part of the formation of modern family, becomes a waterway. On the other hand, after the forming of family sexual elements between the couples fade out in early stage, and the function of family is specialized about reproduction of labor force and childcare. So on this assumption, Japanese social system has kept of modern family. However the extent of the terms of adolescence and the liberation of sexes makes a result that it is necessary to make time which sweep away the consciousness of equality in school education and sift to male priority. It is connected to the unmarried or late marriage phenomenon, and consequently Japanese social system is shook now


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