New paleogene siliquariid and vermetid gastropods from the pacific coast of Southwestern North America

Two new species of the siliquariid gastropod Tenagodus and one new species of the vermetid gastropod JSerpulorbis are described from Paleogene strata along the Pacific coast of southwestern North America. Th e new species of Tenagodus are the first reports of this genus from the Pacific coast of North America. The new species of ?Serpulorbis is the earliest occurrence of a vermetid from the Pacific coast of North America. Tenagodus californiensis sp. nov. is from outer shelf siltstone in the upper Paleocene Coal Canyon Formation, Santa Monica Mountains, and from similar deposits in the upper Paleocene Santa Susana Formation, Simi Hills, southern California. This new species is the earliest occurrence of Tenagodus in North America. Tenagodus bajaensis sp. nov. is from inner shelf sandstone in the lower Eocene part of the Bateque Formation, Baja California Sur, Mexico. ?Serpulorbis llajasensis sp. nov. is from shelfbreak glauconitic sandstone in the lower middle Eocene part of the Llajas Formation, Simi Valley, southern California.