Journal Issue

Burning Daylight Volume 1, 2012

Lauren A. Benjamin / What You See Is the Base of All the Faith In The World: Thingly Bodies in The Book of John Mandeville -- Alexis Wolf / Oroonoko: the African King of England -- A.L. Evins / Beyond the Binary: Violent Resistance in Time of the Butcherbird and Prosaic Resistance in The Conservationist -- Laura Stamm / Minding the Gaps: The Semiotic as Gender Subversion in Mulholland Dr. -- Elison Alcovendaz / Something Maybe, Possibly, Called Lesbianism: The Failure of Language in the Iphis Tales of Ovid and Gower -- J.D. Isip / Our Own Personal Jesus: Corpus Christi, Angels in America, and a Theater of Reconciliation -- Shelley E. Masini / What’s In a Name? An Exploration of the Textual Names of Marie de France and Lady Gaga -- Christine M. Davids / Marina Abramović: A Body of Dichotomy