India and its people: A bibliography

Introduction: Until recently, American education has tended to focus its attention on Western culture and history. However, current economic and political affairs have demonstrated the increasing interdependence of countries. The development of a broadly based understanding of non-Western cultures and history is becoming increasingly important. Unfortunately, academic and public libraries serving undergraduate and high school students do not, in most cases, have the staff to make the most advantageous selection of supportive materials from the many published about Asia. It is hoped that this bibliography of approximately 2700 books about India and its peoples will be a step toward alleviating this situation. The bibliography also represents the deep and growing interest in Indian affairs at California State University, Northridge. In our view, a bibliography based on our book holdings on Indian affairs should be of value in aiding the meaningful exchange of ideas between India and America. It should assist the American student or scholar working on Indian topics as well as the Indian student or scholar contemplating exchange programs or pursuing the view of their people from an American perspective.