Dubious Sources: How Project Censored Joined the Whitewash of Serb Atrocities

Terry J. Allen, the respected 9-year editor of CAQ, and her two assistants were fired in May 1998 by CAQ's corporate officers Louis Wolf, Ellen Ray, and Bill Schaap. Allen says she was fired because she "refused to be bullied by Wolf, Ray, and Schaap into publishing whacko-conspiracy theories and articles that served their agenda but failed to distinguish between facts and political fairy tales." Among the "inferior or polemical material" proposed by the publishers was "a story presenting Serbia as the blameless victim of Bosnian aggression." 19 Under editorial direction from the publishers, CAQ then published [Thomas Deichmann]'s modified article as "Misinformation: TV Coverage of a Bosnian Camp" in its Fall 1998 issue, along with an article by [Diana Johnstone], "Seeing Yugoslavia Through a Dark Glass." 20 After LM was bankrupted by the ITN libel suit, the only place to find Deichmann's original article, with photos, has been Jared Israel's website, Emperor's Clothes. 21 Jared Israel also produced a 30-minute video, "Judgment," on the ITN visit to Omarska and Trnopolje camps, in cooperation with Deichmann and the [Slobodan Milosevic]-controlled Serbian television station RTS. A military escort and an RTS video crew accompanied the ITN team, and RTS appears to have spent most of its time filming ITN filming the inhabitants of the camps. "Judgment" describes Omarska as a "detention center for POWs" and Trnopolje as "a refugee camp." Keep in mind that as a witness in the [Dusko Tadic] trial, Deichmann knew very well what the evidence was about atrocities at Omarska. Aging New Lefties may recall Jared Israel's earlier notoriety for helping destroy Students for a Democratic Society in 1969 as a member of the Maoist Progressive Labor Party. 22 7. J. Rainio, K. Lalu, and A. Penttila, "Independent Forensic Autopsies in an Armed Conflict: Investigation of the Victims from [Racak], Kosovo," Forensic Science International, Vol. 116, Issues 2-3 (February 15, 2001), pp. 171-185 (available at; Berliner Zeitung, January 17, 2001, available on the web (in German) at For FAIR's statement on Racak, see "Doubts on a Massacre: Media Ignore Questions About Incident That Sparked Kosovo War" (; also Martin A. Lee, "More Bloodshed in the Balkans: The Bitter Legacy of NATO's `Humanitarian' War," San Francisco Bay Guardian, March 26, 2001 (