Many-Body Localization And Mobility Edge In A Disordered Spin- 1 2 Heisenberg Ladder

We examine the interplay of interaction and disorder for a Heisenberg spin-1/2 ladder system with random fields. We identify many-body localized states based on the entanglement entropy scaling, where delocalized and localized states have volume and area laws, respectively. We first establish the dynamic phase transition at a critical random field strength hc∼8.5±0.5, where all energy eigenstates are localized beyond that value. Interestingly, the entanglement entropy and fluctuations of the bipartite magnetization show distinct probability distributions which characterize different phases. Furthermore, we show that for weaker h, energy eigenstates with higher-energy density are delocalized while states at lower-energy density are localized, which defines a mobility edge separating these two phases. With increasing disorder strength, the mobility edge moves towards higher-energy density, which drives the system to the phase of the full many-body localization.