Features of a successful group experience :a reflective learning of the characteristics and process behaviors of a diverse committee

The goal of this essay is to discuss characteristics and process behaviors of an intact group: the Campus Climate Survey Committee (CCSC) at Cal Poly Pomona. We will use reflective learning as a means of identifying features and characteristics of a successful group experience. Daudlin (1997) defines reflective learning as “… the process of stepping back from an experience to ponder carefully and persistently its meaning by developing inferences… to reflect on the learning that is occurring … “ (p. 13). Reflective learning helps surface insights, uncovers themes, promotes a sense of community, and helps synthesize learning in a way that makes it easier to share learning with colleagues and co-workers (Daudlin, 1997). This project was part of the WASC Self-Study, whose mission was “to create an account of our university that will be meaningful, inspirational, informative … [and that] will generate recommendations and new directions that have the potential to make our university a better place to study and work.” (Wills and WASC Self-Study Committee, 2000).