Entomological Bibliography of the California Islands: Supplement 2

This bibliography supplements Miller & Miller (1981) and Miller (1985) in compiling references to insects, arachnids and myriapods of the California Islands: the Channel Islands, Los Coronados Islands and the islands in the San Francisco Bay Region. Islands off Baja California, Mexico, are excluded. Papers contributing to any area of knowledge of California Island entomology are included except for those only giving checklist entries. Since publication of Miller & Menke (1981) and Miller (1985), many papers have been published, and additional older papers have been located. Notable among the new publications is the proceedings of the 1981 symposium on California Islands insects (Menke & Miller 1985). Format follows the earlier bibliographies; papers not included in this list that are cited in cross references may be found in the earlier bibliographies. The abbreviation "TL" means type locality. A subject index is included. Literature search for this supplement was updated to September 1991. Further supplements are planned as sufficient additions accumulate.