Self Transformation and moral universalism: a comparison of Wang Yangming and Schleiermacher

The self-transformation has been one of the most important ideals of the human morality, and also a fundamental goal of the various secular thinkers, from Confucius and Socrates to many later Eastern and Western philosophers. Wang Yangming and Schleiermacher really made creative contributions to the philosophy of mind. The common purpose of these two great masters is to transform the lives of common people from the unexamined to the examined, the immoral to the moral, the religious to the secular, the corrupted to the purified, the particular to the universal, and the regional to the cosmopolitan through understanding and practicing the truth of life. A gradual process of self-transformation should be developed byhighly justified and clarified theoretical guidelines. Any type of self-transformation follows the principle of self- transcendence, and is based on self-identification, and self- affirmation. The function of self-transformation is to release our spiritual life from an original bondage to a liberated freedom which is base on positive moral universalism.