Journal Issue

Sonoma State University NoGap / McNair Scholars Research Journal Volume 5: 2015

Contents: “I Still Dream of Orgonon”; The Cultural Transmission of Wilhelm Reich / Robert Barrett -- Mighty Morphin Backward Walking: The Momentous Effects of Backward Walking on Individual’s Hamstring Flexibility / John Michael Vincent Coralde -- Analysis of the Reduction Potential of the Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase CD148 / Rachel DeLeon -- “It Wasn’t Rape, She Wanted It”: Masculinity Threat’s Role In Rape Blame / Sarah Eagan -- Military Sexual Trauma: A Judicial Perspective / Sabrina Fiaz -- Carnobacteriocin BII Peptide Bactercidial Assay / Joshua Gutierrez -- The Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase CD45 is Highly Sensitive to Oxidation Compared to the Related PTP, CD148 / Stephanie Henriquez -- Righting Time Performances: Assessing Phenotype in Captive Raised Western Pond Turtles / Shoua Lor -- Fostering Multicultural Competence through Inter-Group Dialogues: Process, Outcomes, and Reflections / Paul Martinez -- Exploring the Role of Resilience in the Life Experiences of Children of Incarcerated Parents / Alexandria Pech -- Low-Income Student Parents: Bridging from Welfare Participation to College Graduation / Holly Phillips -- The Experience: An Analysis of the Retention and Graduation Rate of Black Students at Sonoma State University / Kristal Raheem -- Calcification and Corrosion of a Coralline Seaweed / Mallory Rice -- Change in Stream Conditions after removing Livestock / Ang Diku Sherpa -- Identification of the N-terminus Amino Acid of a Chromium Binding Protein / Kimberly Trevino -- Early Childhood Education: Benefits for Children from Low-Income Families / Alexandra Zavaleta -- “A Waste of Time”: Student Attitudes Towards Foreign Language Education / Seiri Aragón-Garcia -- The Moche: Investigating A Process of Sacrifice, Burial and the Afterlife / Samantha Montellanos -- Mentoring Relationships: The Perspectives of Former Foster Youth / Kim Nguyen