A spiritual audit of corporate America: ten years later (spirituality and attachment theory, an interim report)

This paper represents the first in a series of reports of a 10‐year follow up study of the authors' 1997-1999 study of spirituality in the workplace. Forty‐five responses to a modified questionnaire were analyzed. Attachment Theory was used to analyze the respondents' views and feelings with regard to a variety of items pertaining to religion and spirituality. Those respondents having a Secure style of attachment were attracted to and had a much more positive view of spirituality than those with other attachment styles. The low percentage of respondents and the fact that those who responded were overwhelmingly Secure limits the study. Nonetheless, a very strong and clear portrait emerges of the link between a Secure attachment style and spirituality. The data show clearly that Secure individuals have a much more positive view of their organizations, and furthermore that their organizations are perceived as more spiritual. A strong implication is that spiritual organizations are thus somehow more Secure. If this implication is borne out by further research, then it means that we have identified a potentially new model for practicing spirituality in the workplace beyond those that were identified in our 1997-1999 study.