California Impressions: An Englishman's Travels and Impressions in California in 1886

[From Introduction] We have chosen to call the manuscript from which this work came, California Impressions. It was written in 1886 by J.W. Morgan, an Englishman. Morgan left Liverpool in September by steamer, and, after landing in New York, came by train to California. It was Morgan's second journey to the United States, the first having been made in 1884. During this second trip, he joined that select group of foreign travellers who recorded their impressions of this country and this state. Morgan wrote his impressions in an octavo size notebook divided into five sections: "Impressions of America," "My Movements since leaving Bristol," "California Peculiarities, ""California Expressions,'' and "Points of Interest." Two sections of the manuscript, "California Expressions" and "California Peculiarities," are a record of California speech of the period. "California Expressions" is an unsystematic glossary, recording a number of words, phrases and expressions which Morgan thought particularly expressive of California. He has translated these expressions into British usage. His concern with the English language, although not systematic, is found throughout the manuscript. The greatest difficulty in editing Morgan's manuscript was that he never meant this work to be published. He intended to give a talk or talks on his travels and impressions.