Risk Level Problems Affecting Microtunneling Projects Installation

Microtunneling is a complex trenchless excavation process. Efficient microtunneling methods is necessary to identify risk level problems that often require the integration of supporting equipment and personnel. A clearer understanding of risk level problems will facilitate the enhancement and modeling of risk assessments for future microtunneling projects. This study investigates 12 different factors to assess risk level problems in microtunneling projects. The factors and factors’ weight are collected using a questionnaire sent to microtunneling-industry specialists. A risk level prediction model is developed using the clustering analysis technique and the analytical hierarchy process to consider the qualitative factors involved in the microtunneling process. The model is then validated, which shows reasonable results with 89% average validity percent. The main objective of the developed model is to assist contractors in the bidding and operation phases of microtunneling projects by providing reasonably accurate mitigation models.