Book chapter

Gotta catch 'em all. A case study about Cal Poly Pomona's Pokemon GO AR orientation.

We all struggle with engaging students in learning about an academic library and its services. Students are busy. Dana Ingalls states “students also expect to be able to access most information online and may be unable or unwilling to attend in-person orientation sessions.” At Cal Poly Pomona (CPP), we capitalized on the popularity of Pokemon Go by developing a Pokemon Go Augmented Reality (AR) Library Orientation to engage students using new technology and introduce them to the library space and services. This orientation model built upon an existing paper-based scavenger hunt is tied to the physical space of the library. The Pokemon Go AR Library Orientation enhanced CPP’s library orientation with a new level of interactivity through the use of existing technologies and by connecting the library to popular culture. In this chapter, we will outline why we chose augmented reality, some of the technologies used to create the augmented reality experience, as well as discuss successes and challenges of the orientation. In addition, we will expand upon the feedback and assessment received from users during our library’s Welcome Week and students from our for-credit course, LIB 150: The Information Diet.