Introduction: a reapplication of academic pluralism and scholarly freethought

Since its inauguration in 2011, Journal of East-West Thought (JET) has published 90 articles and book reviews from a wide range of celebrated scholars and authors throughout the world. JET is dedicated to advancing constructive, creative, critical, theoretical and forward-looking thoughts and ideas concerning East-West studies. It aims to provide a forum for the interdisciplinary, cross-cultural, global and philosophical examination of all issues within this arena. Intellectual pluralism, multicultural pluralism and also academic methodological pluralism are fundamental principles embraced by Journal of East-West Thought. JET welcomes diverse theories and methods, and encourages dialogue on various, ethical, aesthetical and methodological issues. Its purview includes problems and themes from the natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, and other fields, including economics, political science, law, business, engineering, and the arts. JET aims to combine Western and non-Western perspectives in order to construct an integrative and cosmopolitan perspective in order to benefit an international community of educators.


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