Transport Coefficients In Some Stochastic Models Of The Revised Enskog Equation

A stochastic model of the revised Enskog equation is considered. A choice of the smearing function suggested by the work of Leegwater is used to apply the model to the repulsive part of the Lennard-Jones potential and the inverse-power soft-sphere potential. The virial coefficients obtained from the equilibrium properties of the models are in excellent agreement with the known exact coefficients for these models. The transport coefficients for the repulsive Lennard-Jones (RLP) model are also computed and appear to be of comparable accuracy to the Enskog-theory coefficients applied directly to a hard-sphere system, although exact results for the RLP with which to make an extensive comparison are not yet available. The pressure and the transport coefficients obtained from the model (shear viscosity, thermal conductivity, and self-diffusion) are compared with the pressure and the corresponding transport coefficients predicted by the Enskog and square-well kinetic theories.