Relevance of meta-naratives of Christianity and Bhagatgita intraversing post-modern condition.

The paper argues that ancient metanarratives (Adhikaṭha) are relevant in meeting out the crisis of values brought on by the post-modernistic ideology. The paper defines post modernism and examines it. It argues that postmodernism’s rejection of a universal metanarrative (Adhikaṭha) is untenable. Secondly, the paper looks at how the ancient Adhikaṭha of Yishu in conversation with Indian classical philosophy (especially of Gītā) answers the crisis of postmodernism. The third section argues that rather than falling into the relativism of postmodernism, traditions of thought and values should identify their critical value. On the basis of their critical value respective traditions should then dialogue with one another persuasively.


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