The Relationships Between Parental Influence and Student Achievement in Seventh Grade Mathematics

Parental influence has been identified as an important factor affecting student achievement, but the variables addressed by various parent-school partnership programs vary, and lack literature support. This deficiency was ameliorated in this study through an analysis of a national data base from the Longitudinal Study of American Youth (LSAY). All parental variables investigated in LSAY were considered in this study, andsignificantvariables of students’ achievement in seventh grade mathematics were selected through the Backward Elimination Procedure in the Statistical Analysis System (SAS). The results show that those variables significant at a = .05 have accountedfor around22% variability of the student achievement. Afurther analysis of the empirical results seems to indicate that parent education and encouragement are strongly related to improved student achievement. However, parents should attempt to understand students’ feeling, and expect students to take the full responsibility for their successes in the school.


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