the Jungian Transcendent Function, The Dance of DAO, and the Inner Landscope of Education

Drawing upon the Jungian theory of the transcendent function and the yin-yang dynamics in Daoism, this paper explores cross-cultural philosophical foundations for engaging psychic and inner transformation and their implications for vitalizing the inner landscape of education. There are inherent connections as well as differences between these two theories: First, the fundamental principle of integrating opposites is central to both, although Jungian theory probes deeper into the psychic life to heal fragmentation while Daoism’s non-dual personhood has a stronger sense of interconnectedness. Second, both engage in social critique and self-critique, but there is a certain difference between lifting repression in Jungian transcendence and emptying out suppression in Daoism. Third, the two intersect at going beyond the confinement of the intellect to include embodied, aesthetic, and meditative activities for integration. The final section of the paper focuses on re-imagining the inner landscape of education based on these intersections and differences.


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