The Island Fox Literary Journal

FORWARD: Message from Editorial Staff and Designer, Jocelyn Kornfeld Nearly 100 submissions. That’s what the editorial staff of the Island Fox had to choose from to create this year’s journal. When we looked at the pieces collectively we realized that each of them deals, in some way with discovery whether it’s self-discovery learning to cope with death, love, and depression, dealing with family, or becoming politically active. Each of us, as college students and human beings, can relate to all of these issues. Our hope is that as you read the Island Fox, you find something you can connect with. The chosen pieces were submitted to our graphic designer, Jocelyn Kornfeld, who was given free range with design and layout. How you see things on the pages is all hers – she is the creative genius behind the scenes. The only caveat was that she keep the format of everything the same way it was when the pieces were originally submitted. Her task was tough: she had to see how the pieces were interconnected. The end result is this Island Fox, and we believe that it represents this year’s submissions well. page 5 Whether or not you have pieces in this year’s journal, if you’re going to be here next year, make sure you submit! It’s a diffcult task to narrow down the submissions into something that will fit into just over a hundred pages. Creativity comes in all shapes and colors, so next year’s journal maybe the perfect fit for your work. And no mater what, whether you submit or not, keep on writing. Do what you love. Make it a good one, The 2008 Island Fox Staff