National shame on China’s defeat in the War of 1894

Liu Yazhou: President Xi Jinping said: “History is the source of the current affairs and every country’s today comes from its yesterday.” The War of Jiawu is a war that profoundly changed the destinies of two countries: China and Japan. It also influenced, to some extent, the history of the world. Of course, China is the country that was affected most profoundly. To China, the historic gravity of this war lies in two areas: (1) China was defeated, but the reason for its defeat is still being explored and (2) Although the war ended long time ago the wound it left still has not healed but remains uneasily balanced between history and the present. Resolving these nagging doubts left over from the War of Jiawu2 would constitute a step upward in our people’s advancement. This war in this sense is already a symbol.