Technical Report

Putting the "There in There": Historical Archaeologies of West Oakland

Chapter 1: The Loma Prieta Earthquake and its aftermath; Chapter 2: A brief history of West Oakland; Chapter 3: Consumerism, living conditions, and material well-being; Chapter 4: Consuming aspirations: bric-a-brac and the politics of Victorian materialism in West Oakland; Chapter 5: Outside the marketplace: adaptive strategies and self-reliance, making it and making do; Chapter 6: "Busy as Bees": women, work, and material culture in West Oakland; Chapter 7: Aristocracies of labor: craft unionism, immigration, and working-class households; Chapter 8: Chinese Oaklanders: overcoming the odds; Chapter 10: The landscape(s) of lodging in West Oakland; Chapter 10: "Black is beautiful": from porters to panthers in West Oakland; Chapter 11: More than"Just a Place to Start From": historical archaeologies of West Oakland