First-principles Calculation of the Conformation and Electronic Structure of Polyparaphenylene

In this article, an all-electron first-principles total energy calculation with Gaussian-type functions for the wave functions, for the exchange correlation potential, and for the charge density has been applied for single chains of polyparaphenylene (PPP). A local-density approximation within a helical band structure approach has been used. The calculated torsional potential shows a minimum at the torsion angle of 34.8 degrees. The internal coordinates were optimized in the equilibrium conformation and are in good agreement with experimental and other theoretical results. The calculated direct band gap is 2.54 eV compared with the experimental result from UPS spectra of 3.4 eV for the gas phase. The band structure strongly depends on the conformation which suggests that the electronic properties can be modified in a wide range through doping or addition of side groups. (C) 1998 American Institute of Physics. [S0021-9606(98)30743-6].