Re-Locate: the sustainability of addressing climate displacement through ally-based strategies

Kivalina, Alaska, is pursuing planned community relocation to adapt to the realities of a climate changed–world in the Arctic. Relocation plans encompass a comprehensive strategy to protect the village from present and future climate harms, improve current living conditions, and expand economic opportunities by connecting village residents to the mainland. Jen Marlow and Michael Gerace are co-directors of Re-Locate, a series of projects designed to address a wide range of issues determined by Kivalina leaders to be among the most urgent or useful to the village’s relocation planning efforts. As an Assistant Professor in Environmental Science and Management at HSU, Jen Marlow teaches environmental law, regulation, and conflict resolution. Michael Gerace is an ethnographic artist and designer currently making mobile and waterless sanitation infrastructure, participatory digital platforms, and residential architecture.


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