Special editor's introduction: Three tendencies in Indian philosophy

Going through the texts on Indian philosophical systems we find that the chief purpose of them is to find a solution against the conflicting ideas, digging out the problems, removing doubts of the opponents and getting freedom from them. Unless the thoughts are not clear they cannot be the part of our conduct. No problem is problem for itself; all problems are imposed at thought level and that is why they can be liquidated and removed by philosophical reflection. Removal of them provides bliss. The texts deal with cultivation of a wonderful capacity that accommodates conflicting situations for the greater purpose of living the life in harmony and peace. Great thoughts about the ways of life and the views of life dawn in Vedas and the classical texts. Philosophical systems originated as a safeguard for the maintenance and practice of those great ideas useful for the welfare of the universe. The history of great thoughts is at the same time the history of their critical observation, evaluation and refutation. Arguments in opposition and response in favour not only serve as breath of the protection of those thoughts but promoted Indian philosophical thinking to perfection of Indian culture that comprises the seed of almost all the reflective subtleties which serve as the novelty of the later thinking in India.


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