The promise and challenges of wind and solar - stories from India and Africa -

Ranjit Deshmukh will explore the opportunities and challenges posed by a large scale transition to renewable energy in developing economies — from the economic and environmental impacts of India’s ambitious renewable energy targets to the potential of wind and solar as alternatives to large hydropower and coal in Africa. Deshmukh is an Assistant Professor in the Environmental Studies department at UC Santa Barbara. His research interests lie at the intersection of energy, environment, and economics — specifically in low carbon energy systems, energy access, and electricity markets. Deshmukh holds a PhD in Energy and Resources from the University of California at Berkeley, master’s degrees in Engineering from Humboldt State University and University of Texas at Austin, and a bachelor’s degree from the Government College of Engineering Pune, India. He was a ITRI-Rosenfeld postdoctoral fellow at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, a Siebel Scholar and a Link Energy fellow at UC Berkeley, and a Schatz Energy fellow at HSU.


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