Academic Librarians as the Frontline: Helping International Students Acclimate to U.S. Academic Integrity Guidelines

Using the Association of Research and College Libraries Framework for Information Literacy for higher education, we designed this poster presentation tailored towards international students that includes interactive instruction on the consequences of plagiarism and the cultural differences in the United State on independent scholarship. | Literature in the field of international education has demonstrated the relevance of academic institutions’ continued efforts to deal with issues surrounding academic integrity among International Students. Instruction on academic integrity can no longer be developed in the vacuum of traditional approaches geared to domestic students. As experts in information literacy and fair use, Academic Librarians are poised to play a central role in providing International Students with instruction on academic integrity. | In an effort to promote academic integrity and support for California State University Northridge’s (CSUN) International Student community, a workshop was developed with various entities on campus. These partnerships resulted in the development of a unique workshop anchored in the ACRL’s Framework. This case provides a practical example for Academic Librarians to engage International Students about: the consequences of plagiarism, the cultural differences and the emphasis in the US on independent scholarship, and to encourage critical thinking and analysis of resources.