CSUN Virtual Reference Pilot Program Survey Results

Overview: Survey Dates: January 2 to May 2, 2002 / Distribution: Email form on exit / Total transactions: 76 / Total surveys returned: 26 / Return Rate: 34% Service Issues: Users were quite satisfied: Eighty-one percent found the information relevant or very relevant; and 88.5% found the librarian to be helpful or very helpful. / Hours: Hours were limited to Monday through Friday, 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Only actual users returned surveys; therefore, the likelihood of the hours being sufficient or convenient should be greater. However, the results were clearly polarized: Fifty percent said the hours were convenient or sufficient; while 42% said, they were not. Those that commented mentioned evenings (6-8PM, e.g.), all regular library hours, “all day,” or “more hours.” Only one suggested 24/7. / Technical Problems: Ninety-six percent reported having technical problems. Only five commented on the specific problems, which related to being dropped or slowness. In an analysis of the transaction logs, 21% were repeats, showing sessions of less than 30 seconds, followed by lengthier sessions, suggesting that the patron was dropped, and then re-connected. However, despite this, 88.5% found the service to be easy or very easy to use, and 92% reported that they would use the service again. / Users: Students: 65%, mostly business, humanities, and health science majors. / Faculty: 27%, departments varied.