The Economic Value of Sonoma Equestrian Activities

With a stock of near 14,000 horses in 1999, the vibrant equestrian sector of Sonoma is having a large impact on the county economy. At the same times, it is sustaining the green landscape of the county and a traditional American culture. With a capital stock near three-quarters of a billion dollars, the equestrian economy is generating a production value of 185 million dollars. When we add its multiplier effect on other sectors of the county economy, the equestrian sector impact on the county is above one quarter of a billion dollars. Public policy and planning within the county, therefore, needs to pay special attention to this sector. Together with the grape-wine sector, equestrian activities are means to sustain the green nature of the county endangered by industrial and population growth. They are means to sustain Sonoma quality of life through a traditional American culture. Their contributions to the county economy are large.