When Students Have Skin in the Game: Two Classroom Activities to Teach Persuasion and Negotiation with Real Outcomes.

Often, when teaching management, students may understand the ideas behind concepts taught in the classroom, but they may not always be able to apply them. This is problematic because usually these skills and tools are the learning outcomes that would be most useful. This interactive session will teach students about persuasion and negotiation through use of pragmatism and experiential learning. It will incorporate a persuasion exercise that highlights the application of eight influence tactics identified by Yukl and Falbe (1990) as well as the four best practices of negotiation as described by Thompson (2015) and emphasize their application of these skills in two simulated scenarios. This session’s active learning strategies are applicable in many situations outside the classroom and would be particularly useful in various real-world and industry negotiations. Presenters will also discuss their experience using these activities, including both successes and potential challenges.