Middle Eocene Terebratulide Brachiopods From The Bateque Formation, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Two species of terebratulide brachiopods are described from the upper part of the Bateque Formation (middle Eocene) on the Pacific coast of Baja California Sur, Mexico, Terebratulina cf. Terebratulina louisianae Stenzel, 194, and Terebratalia batequia n. sp. Terebratalia batequia n. sp. is the earliest confirmed record of the genus Terebratalia Beecher, 1893, which has been an important component of Pacific brachiopod faunas through to the present day. The occurrence of Terebratulina cf. Terebratulina louisianae Stenzel is one of the earliest records of the genus from the west coast of North America. These brachiopods, like other elements of the Bateque invertebrate fauna, may record Eocene migration from the Atlantic to Pacific Ocean via the Central American seaway.