19th Annual General Assembly (AGA) of the International Association of Maritime Universities, Barcelona, Spain, October 17-19, 2018 : proceedings

Electronics and Human Interface. A framework for cyber security risk assessment of ships / B. Svilicic, J. Celic, J. Kamahara and J. Bolmsten -- The effect of flag state warning letters as a means of enforcing IMO rec. 263 on pilotage in the Danish straights / P.M. Cossen -- Maritime Education and Training. A Course Proposal for The Training of Marine Engineering Students about Alternative Fuels, Related Systems, and Operation / B. Zincir and C. Deniz -- Analyzing student feedback from the 2017 IAMU student forum:charting paths to the future / A. Yang and M. J. Rooks -- Case-studies based approach in maritime English teaching / Z. Bezhanovi, T. Mikeladze, S. Rodinadze and K. Zarbazoia -- Challenges in marine engineers training. goals and opportunities in the academic education on electric marine technology / P. Casals-Torrens, R. Bosch, F. Díaz-Gonzalez, J. Nicolas and V. Fuses -- Comparing Nautical BSc-Programs and their Quality Indicators / T.E. Jensen and T. Resnes -- Development of Maritime Education and Training through Human-ware Upgrading / A. Abdel Hamid Kassar and A. Almalt -- Educating the future maritime workforce in a sea of constant disrupters and change / M. Alfultis -- Enhanced Fast-Time-Simulation Features to support Ship-Handling Simulator Training / K. Benedict, M. Kirchhoff, M. Schaub, G. Tuschling, M. Baldauf, M. Gehrke and M. Gluch -- Factors that affect the delayed embarkation for and return from shipboard training of maap cadets / D.A. Pedregosa, S. Akmad, B.D. Sodolski, L. Negapatan and G. De Guzman -- Implementation of the ECDIS system:An OOW perspective as an integral part of educational improvement / D. Brčić, S. Žuškin, S. Valčić and V. Frančić -- Interactive root cause analysis (IRCA) as a practical tool for developing management skills (for masters in navigation) / M. Chesnokova, O. Monastyrskaya and J. Monastyrskaya -- Knowledge management at higher MET institutions / V. Frančiić, D. Zec, L. Maglić and I. Rudan -- Maritime Training for Emergent Opportunities / W. Nadolny -- Paternalistic leadership in a distinctive maritime work environment: a study among maritime students / E. Asyali and R. Allard -- Rethinking STCW Education to Cope with Increased Autonomy and Autonomous Shipping / J. Mogensen -- Role of ECDIS training on improving situational awareness / S.J. Cole and E. Asyali -- Seafarers education, training and crewing in Ukraine / M. Miyusov and V. Zakharchenko -- The development of a qualification board to document engineering cadet performance as part of a training period at sea / M.A. Cote -- The IAMU-PAES-P project implementation benefits: the MAAP experience / A. Baylon and E. Santos -- To Enhance Enrollment of Female Cadets at Maritime Institutions And to Increase Women Seafarers in the Shipping Industry / Qi Chen -- Training engineers for remotely operated ships of the future / G. Lokuketagoda, T. Miwa, S. Jayasinghe and D. Ranmuthugala -- Using SCAT Analysis to Evaluate the Effects of Sailing Vessel Training on Emotional Quotient (EQ) Competencies / Y. Kunieda, T. Yamagishi and K. Murai -- Maritime Environment. A simulalation on transportation of suspended sediment due to the maintenance dreding of the CAI LAN international container terminal, Vietnam / T.N. Nguyen Thi and H.G. Le Thi -- An investigation into making ships cleaner and more energy efficient / G. de Melo Rodríguez, R. P. Gueraçague and J.C. Murcia Gonzalez -- Assessment of marine diesel engines performance based on carbon and nitrogen oxides content in exhaust gases / V. Odintsov, D. Glazkov and N. Sviridyuk -- Risk regional zonation of environmental pollution on the port of Hai Phong, Vietnam and the surrounding area / L. Thi Huong Giang, N. Thi The Nguyen and N. Thanh Son -- The Repelling Effect of Golden Apple Snail (Pomacea canaliculata) Egg Extract on Algae / G. A. C. Casiano, H. P. T. Catalayban, C. M. Melliza, R. M. M. Parreño and V. L. Vecendario. Ports and Terminal Management. Challenges and Opportunities for Enhancing Port Competitiveness in Africa / A. S. Elselmy, A. M. Morsy and M. E. Abdel Aziz -- Containership bay time and crane productivity: are they on the path of convergence? / S. Yahalom and C. Guan -- Open-berth structures' bed rock scour protection system from main propeller action: case study in Vietnam / N. Thanh Son -- Ship manoeuvre analysis and simulation to obtain scouring related propeller variables / T. Llull, A. Mujal-Colilles, X. Gironella, M. Castells, X. Martízez de Osés, A. Martín and A. Sánchez-Arcilla -- Role of women in the maritime industries. Barriers to Women's Leadership in Maritime and the Ways to Overcome Them / P. Ozdemir and T. Albayrak -- How can women be encouraged to work in maritime professions? - possibilities for flexible post-graduate studies / N.M. Roos -- The evolution of female figures in met institutions over a decade: some case studies / C. Barahona, M. Castells, S. Ordás and J. Torralbo -- Women in the maritime industry / A. Balasanyan and Z. Phutkaradze -- Safety and Security. Assessment and management of risks in the industrial fishery / S.S. Moyseenko and L.E. Meyler -- Security analysis of the national maritime transport system as part of the maritime critical infrastructure / N. Dimitrov, B. Mednikarov and V. Vasilev -- Shipbuilding, Marine Engineering. Advances in the development of a computational model for analysis of ship navigation in brash ice / J. García-Espinosa, B. Serván-Camas, J. Colom-Cobb and E. Oñate -- An optimization of marine diesel engine operation parameters when using a mixed fuel (do and palm oil) as alternatine fuel / D. Van Uy, N. Dai An and N. Duc Hanh -- Hybrid gas-electrical power & heavy duty propulsion. Test platform / R. Bosch, P. Casals-Torrens and A. Serrano-Fontova -- Research and manufacturing of high-mechanical copper alloys for shaft liners / V. Anh Tuan, P. Mai Khanh, T. The Nam and N. Duong Nam -- Study on the effect of changing hull resistances to turbochargers operations of marine diesel engine / V.Q. Phan, N.K. Vu and C.A.T. Phan -- Shipping, Logistics and Traffic Management. Sea traffic management and the smart maritime community. / S. Velasquez Correa, X. Martinez de Oses and U. Siwe -- Shipping, Navigation and Routing. Hunts point terminal market: the demand for waterborne-transportation as a part of the outbound distribution system / S. Yahalom, C.-Q. Guan, E. Johansson and C. Kamga -- Intercomparison of emissions assessment methodologies in a short sea shipping framework / C. Borén, M. Castells and M. Grifoll -- Investigation of grounding accidents in the bay of Izmir with the application of root-cause analysis / A.C. Toz, C. Sakar and B. Koseoglu -- Research on new obstacle avoidance algorithms for ships / A. Lazarowska -- The algorithm for fast forecasting of the collsion danger degree with ships and surface objects in the e-navigation area / A.N. Popov, A.I. Kondratiev and I.O. Smirnov -- The application of mathematical models and simulations in the feasibility studies of ship manoeuvring / T.S. Do, E. Hietbrink and C.V. Tran.