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Tiny Houses: A Fad or the Future of Housing

Lee Pera is a geographer, educator and community organizer. In addition to building her own tiny house and setting up the nation's first tiny house community in Washington DC, Lee has worked with communities throughout Latin America and the U.S. on urban infill, land tenure, and sustainable community development. As a geographer with the US Environmental Protection Agency, she enjoys making maps and telling stories with data. Lee is a founding member of the Tiny House Collaborative and works with cities and communities to plan how tiny houses and other mobile structures can be incorporated into affordable housing strategies and creative arts spaces. She teaches workshops around the country on tiny houses. Her talk will address changing housing landscape in the United States. She holds Master's degrees in Geography and Public Policy from the University of Oregon and has been featured in numerous media outlets, including NPR, the Washington Post, Atlantic Cities, Dwell, Architectural Record, CNN, and ABC.


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