An Online Hub for Undergraduate Research: Leveraging an Institutional Repository to Engage Students & Disseminate Research

For over a decade, campus institutional repositories have served the purposes of offering access, increasing visibility, and improving preservation of campus scholarship and documents. Recent trends indicate that many of the most frequently accessed materials in repositories are otherwise unpublished student work. At Cal Poly Pomona involving students in undergraduate research is a unique opportunity to fulfill the university’s “learning by doing” approach by involving students in all stages of the research process. This poster presentation will detail the background of establishing an institutional repository with the intention of engaging undergraduates in research while disseminating resulting research papers and projects through open access publication in the repository. The repository was developed as a central hub that will not just store undergraduate research, but also to allow students to understand expectations for their research by looking at similar projects, to connect them to potential faculty members with similar research interests, to encourage collaboration with faculty and other students, and to showcase student research for future employers or graduate schools. The presenter will detail the process of reviewing other sample repositories disseminating student research, software selection and customization, workflow drafting, soliciting faculty and student buy-in, and creation of policies for including student research in the repository.