Are Polonium 210Po) halos in coalified wood evidence for the Noachian Flood

Robert Gentry is a physicist who has attempted to find scientific support for the interpretation that the world-wide Noachian Flood actually occurred as reported in the book of Genesis in the Bible. His ideas are presented in a book, Creation's Tiny Mystery, where he suggests (pp. 51-62) that elliptical and dual 210Po halos in coalified wood in uranium deposits in Triassic, Jurassic, and Eocene rocks of the Colorado Plateau are evidence for a young age for the creation of coal as well as for the age of the Noachian Flood (Gentry, 1988). In the following sections I show that the 210Po halos in coalified wood can also be explained by natural processes without relying on miracles or supernatural events such as the Flood.