Multiple Transcription Factors in the 5'-Flanking Region of the Human Polymeric Ig Receptor Control its Basal Expression

the abundance of most complexes was enhanced in post-confluent cells. In summary, we report the characterization of the human pIgR promoter and the essential role that eight different nuclear complexes have in controlling basal expression of this gene in Caco2 cells.

The polymeric Ig receptor (pIgR) is a critical component of the mucosal immune system and is expressed in largest amounts in the small intestine. In this study, we describe the initial characterization of the core promoter region of this gene. Expression of chimeric promoter-reporter constructs was supported in Caco2 and HT-29 cells, and DNase I footprint analysis revealed a large protein complex within the core promoter region. Site directed mutagenesis experiments determined that elements within this region serve to either augment or repress basal activity of the human pIgR promoter. Band shift assays of overlapping oligonucleotides within the core promoter identified eight distinct complexes