Journal Issue

Society and Culture Undergraduate Research Forum, Volume 6: Spring 2014

Contents: Cumulativeness in Non-Human Primates Suggests Cultural Capability / Lauren Russ -- Laid-Back Lemurs: A Passive Approach to Social Hierarchy / Courtlin Weidel -- Physarum Machines and Network Analysis / Zachary Dalgren and Kyle Vasconcellos -- Visions in Time: Contextual Change from Rock Art and Intaglio to Ceramic, Textile and Tattoo / Tania Ryan -- Artificial Cranial Modification / Stephanie Agha -- Ritual Redefinition: How Certain Foreign Practices have been Incorporated and Redefined by Western Culture / Hannah Lehr -- Policy and Culture: Language Legislation and Ideology in Scotland / Tomio Endo -- Let Students Speak: Toward a More Inclusive Climate for African American/Black Students at a Predominantly White University / Rocky W. Nash, Victoria Bohnett, Selina Gonzales, Angela Sierra, and Danielle Zimmerman -- Fat Babes in Crop Tops: Representations of Gender in Fa(t)shion / Kala Heekin -- My Abuela was a Zoot Suiter, We are Millennial Chican@s: Youth Unrest with the Zoot Suiters, and the Parallels Between the Youth Unrest with Andy Lopez / Lacinda Moore