Kerr-Schild Description of a Rotating Dyon

We use the Kerr-Schild formalism topresent a simple view of a rotating dyon which isneither multidimensional nor supersymmetric, and may beregarded as a correspondence limit of a string dyon. Inthis metric, which permits Minkowskian solutions, wefind that both in the Einstein and Landau prescriptionsthe pseudo-energy-momentum tensor vanishes, withoutassuming that the null vector is also geodesic, as was done in earlier work. This allows anessentially Lorentz covariant treatment of theequations. The calculation of the total mass and angularmomentum are presented for completeness and we find that the contribution of the angular momentum to themass appears in the condition for the appearance of ahorizon and leads to the known modifiedBogomolny-Prasad-Sommerfield (bps)relation.