The black experience in the United States: A Bibliography Based on Collections of the San Fernando Valley State College Library

[From Introduction] This list of books appears on the first anniversary of the initiation of a Department of Afro-American Studies at San Fernando Valley State College. This department was among the first, and has been one of the more successful, of a number of similar programs in colleges and universities across the country formed in answer to rapidly growing interest in this area. The Library is happy to be able to make this contribution to the program's continuing growth. The bibliography is not intended to be definitive. It is simply a selection, from the Library's holdings, of titles of value in the study of the black experience in the United States. Space limitations made it impossible to expand it to include material on the Negro elsewhere. In the Library, but not included in this list, are major collections in microform containing much valuable research material. Among these is, for early writings by and about Negroes, the complete text on microcards of the titles in the American Bibliographies of Charles Evans and R. R. Shaw. For other materials on abolition and the pre-Civil War period, Oberlin College Library's catalog of its collection of anti-slavery propaganda should be consulted; here also the Library can supply complete texts on microcard. In the field of education, indexes to research reports from ERIC (Educational Research Information Center) should be consulted; complete text of these reports is available on microfiche in the Library. The Library of Congress classification scheme, used by this library to organize its collection, has been retained in this bibliography. The table of contents breaks the classification down to a degree which should enable the user to locate titles of interest to him without undue difficulty. The place of publication, if not otherwise specified, is New York City. When the title listed is a reprint edition the original date of publication, in parentheses, follows the date of the Library's copy. The book's Library of Congress classification number is at the end of each entry. Those assisting in the preparation of this bibliography are too numerous to mention by name. Perhaps it is best simply to acknowledge that members of the administration, faculty, staff, and student body all contributed, and appoint individuals to represent these groups; James Cleary, President of the College and President of the College Foundation, offered encouragement from the beginning. Eugene Bostic, Co-Director of the Educational Opportunities Program; Tiyo Soga, Acting Chairman of the Afro-American Studies Department; Elizabeth Butler, Ethnic Studies Bibliographer; Mary Sciacca, Catalog Librarian; and Bill Huling, Audiovisual Services, offered advice and assistance in their various ways. Eileen Sales prepared the final typescript, and Debbie Joyce did the bulk of the preliminary checking and typing. Finally, Norman Tanis, College Librarian, must be thanked for his interest and encouragement. D.C.B.