Values Embedded in the Bhagavadgita

The Ethical philosophy of the Bhagavadgītā is centered on the assimilation of diverse values and it can provide a harmonized ethical view of life and hence it may be called Jīvangītā (song of life) which is proposed to be highlighted here. It rejects the extreme conditions of life. It does not accept the hedonistic attitude for the attainment of pleasure. The world of sense and sensibility is recognized by the Gītā. It brings harmony between reason and passion after solving the conflict (Srinivasachari, 1986: 34-35). In the Bhagavadgītā there is the harmonization of ascent and descent. It ascends to the transcendental from the empirical and descends from the absolute stage of realization of Supreme Self to the practical concerns of everyday life, which has some specific value of its own.


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