Technical Report

Los Angeles FamilySource Network: Customer Service Satisfaction Survey: 2012-2013 Program Year

The FamilySource Network provides educational, financial, health, family, and youth services to low-income residents throughout the City of Los Angeles. The Network operates 21 FamilySource Centers (FSCs) throughout the City, and is overseen by the Los Angeles Community Development Department (CDD). CDD is committed to making the FamilySource Network a performance driven system. CDD measures each contractor’s performance in four areas: Customer Satisfaction, Outcomes, Flow (volume of clients), and Administrative Performance. This performance measurement system is often referred to as SOFA, to represent the four dimensions of performance. The Consulting Center at the College of Business and Economics, California State University, Northridge, contracted with the CDD to evaluate customer satisfaction in the system. To do so we surveyed youth and adult FSC participants during the 2012-2013 program year in the fall and spring. This report presents the results of these two surveys. The customer satisfaction data in this report are designed to help individual FSCs track their clients’ satisfaction over time and to provide feedback to improve service.

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