Ecology of Humboldt Bay, California: an estuarine profile

This estuarine profile is one of a series of profiles that synthesize current ecological and other pertinent information of selected estuaries of the United States. The data in this profile on Humboldt Bay provide a scientific reference on the bay's natural resources and will aid in the management and protection of the estuary. Humboldt Bay is one of the most valuable coastal resources on the west coast of the United States. The profile provides current and historical information on the geographic setting of Humboldt Bay; describes geological, climatological, hydrological, and physicochemical aspects of the bay environment; describes the biotic communities and their relationships; compares and contrasts other west coast estuaries to Humboldt Bay; provides management considerations in terms of procedures, socioeconomic factors, and environmental concerns; and identifies research and management information gaps important to proper management and protection of the bay. The information in this profile also should be useful to educators, students, and interested laypersons. The style and format are designed to make the profile useful to many different interests.