Developing Mobile Access to Digital Collections

One of the recent dominant topics in library technology has been the development of library mobile websites and services tailored to mobile users. While much has been written and discussed on the subject, very little of the conversation has focused on mobile access to digital collections. Libraries and museums spend significant resources in an effort to identify, digitize, ingest, describe, store, and display items in their digital asset management systems (DAMs). Creating user interfaces that provide online access is just one component of building a digital collection, and represents a continual challenge to stay abreast of evolving technology and user expectations. The latest challenge for libraries and museums is to adapt and grow our digital collections to meet the needs of an increasingly mobile user. We present the findings from in-depth case studies of four selected institutions and university libraries. These institutions were chosen because they already offer mobile services built around their digital collections, and are thus leading the effort to present them in uniquely mobile-centric ways.