Values in Higher Education

Human life is a process of learning and cultivation to reach wisdom, and it for this purpose that education, since the dawn of civilization and culture, is seen as the highest value system. Education is not concerned only with the cultivation of skills or collection of information or news communicated by others or obtained from different corners of the world on a subject of interest. It is not confined to the skills of acquiring knowledge gained and preserved by knowing, or merely the investigation of questions about existence and getting acquainted with the knowledge or data already acquired or with a system of knowledge - but with the aim of understanding this cognition also. Theoretically, information, knowledge and cognition are different concepts. In brief, information is a collection of events which have occurred beforehand in a different part of time and different corner of the world. It serves as the material available for conducting an investigation into knowledge. Knowledge is concerned with a set of propositions or with the understanding of these concepts. It is theoretical and practice based, foundational and abstract; it may belong to all parts of time: past, future and present. But cognition is always accomplished in the present. One can understand something only when the concept of that thing flashes in the mind. Past memories, future predictions are also cognized in present, that is, when the concepts flash or appear in the mind. And it is that figuring which is communicated, shared and acknowledged; one can claim to know, can respond and reflect over the concept only when they ‘flash.’ It is these flashes which serve as incentive to our immediate determination - enabling us to resolve to do or not to do or otherwise. However, for brevity sake, I will put the two, knowledge and cognition, into the category of knowledge due to its common use. Education cultivates the skills belonging to all three faculties, and more than that, wisdom for their proper application for the welfare of individuals and society. Higher education teaching aims to facilitate systematic and pointed discoveries and practices for the welfare on the society.


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