Journal Issue

Sonoma State University NoGAP / McNair Scholars Research Journal Volume 7: 2017

Contents: Eggshell Porosity and Water Vapor Conductance on Western Pond Turtle Emys marmorata -- Gabriela Arango / Upholding the Educational Promesa -- Patricia Ayala Macías / Latin@ Students and Relevant K-12 Ethnic Studies Curriculum -- Yolanda Ayala / “Believe it, Achieve it?” – A Study of Self-Efficacy, Self-Control, Procrastination, and Academic Success -- Deborah Barrozo / First-Generation College Students: Perspectives on Socioeconomic Background, College Preparation, Support Systems, Motivation and Relationship to Academic Success -- Gina Garcia / Perceptions of Race Relations -- Marquisha George / Injured on the Job:The Missing Safety Net Affecting Injured Day Laborers in Residential Employment in California -- Jesús Guzmán / Middle Childhood: A Look at How Parental Attitudes Affect Girls’ Independence and Peer Relationships -- Paloma Herrera / T Visa for Trafficked Victims -- Kagemuro Jeremiah / Investigating Safety Across the Santa Rosa City School District -- Kelli Kraal / The Relationship Between Dementia and Language -- Sheryl Kumar / Influence of Tule Elk Dung on Vegetation, Arthropods, and Soil Nutrients in a Coastal Grassland -- Elias Lopez / Undocumented Scholars: Exploring the Barriers and Support Systems That Undocumented Latina/o Students Face While Navigating a Predominantly White Institution -- Griselda Madrigal Lara / The Impact of Colorism in the Lives of Preschool Age Children -- Maria Ortega-Cortez / Verbal and Nonverbal Communication Patterns among Post-Secondary Undocumented Students -- Monica Robledo Cornejo / Public Perception of Police in Contra Costa County -- Isabel Sanchez / An Analysis of Publicly Funded Family Planning Services: Costs and Benefits -- Kristina Sayler / Active-Based Pedagogical Approaches for Promoting Experiential and Sustainable Learning -- Felix Siu / Adolescent Bullying -- Shelby Swan / Childhood Trauma and the Factors of Resiliency -- Sydney Swan / The Difference in the Experience of African Immigrant and Native-Born African American Students at Sonoma State University (SSU) -- Sosina Teweldebrhan / T1 Relaxation Delay of Antimicrobial Peptide V1b -- Elizabeth Valverde / Female-Female Competition Around Mating in Zoo-Living Primates -- Donald R. Williams / Dominance Rank Influences Immune Function in Breeding Northern Elephant Seals -- Ryan Yoast